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HNSciCloud contributed to the SLA-Ready Impact Workshop, 15 December 2016, Brussels

On 15 December 2016, HNSciCloud contributed to the SLA-Ready Impact Workshop in Brussels, Belgium. Bob Jones of CERN talked about the results of the HNSciCloud tender and bidding process in a panel discussion entitled "Community Cloud Use Case: SLA-Ready’s impact on the procurement of cloud services for the scientific community."

The workshop showcased the impact of the SLA-Ready project on three key stakeholder groups:

  • Cloud Service Customers from private and public sectors ;
  • Cloud Service Providers who recognise the business value in providing standardised and transparent SALs to their customers;
  • Cloud Service Procurers and policy makers who are able to use SLA-Ready’s standardised SLA Common Reference Model elements to tailor their cloud procurement processes, and assess what policy instruments may be beneficial to the European digital society and economy.

The workshop provided important insights on legal, technical and business aspects in cloud contracts and was an occasion to discuss about innovative technologies and cloud services for the scientific community and research institutes (the prospective users of HNSciCloud).
These insights will be used as guideline for the upcoming phases of the HNSciCloud Project.

To learn more about the workshop, click here.


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