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Webinar on Funding Opportunities under Innovation Procurement in Horizon 2020, 14 June 2017, Bern, Switzerland

The public sector in the EU, as elsewhere in the world, is faced with important challenges. These include modernising internal operations of public services to make them run more efficiently, as well as improving the external quality of public services to the citizens, e.g. improving high quality affordable health care to cope with an ageing population, improving energy efficiency, etc. 

Addressing such challenges can require new and better solutions:

  • Procurement of solutions new to the market where the public sector acts as first customer: Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) 
  • Procurement of R&D services to tackle specific public needs when solutions are not yet on the market:  Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) 

Horizon 2020 reinforces these co-financing mechanisms and will continue boosting in the upcoming work programme for the calls in 2018-2020. This webinar aimed to give more information on how PCP and PPI work. The agenda consisted of a detailed presentation by the EC representative on basic info, benefits, eligibility, etc. and a successful Swiss PCP project testimonial.

The webinar was attended by 25 representatives from the public and private sector in Switzerland. During the webinar, the audience asked several questions about potential follow-on projects.

In this webinar, HNSciCloud was represented by Bob Jones in a session called "testimonial from successful PCP project: Procurement Innovation for Cloud Services in Europe", with a presentation (available to be viewed here) which aimed to give an update of the HNSciCloud Project. Bob Jones also showcased the PCP process, the hybrid cloud model, the financial models adopted by the HNSciCloud project and the impact of the tender.

Here you can find all the presentations of the webinar.

The recording of the webinar is also available here



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