Call for abstracts: use your voice to shape the DI4R 2017 - Deadline 13th October 2017

DI4R 2017 is taking place on 30th November and 1st December 2017 in the heart of the European Union: Brussels, Belgium.
The organisers (EUDATEGIGÉANTOpenAIRERDA Europe and PRACE) invite all interested contributors to submit their abstracts by 13th October 2017 choosing among 6 different topics: InteroperabilityData Science & SkillsImpact evaluation and metrics,Security, trust and identityThe EOSC & EDI building blocks and Business models, sustainability and policies.
You can choose to submit an abstract for any of the following:
  • 5-minute lightning talks
  • posters
  • demos
  • single presentations (15 minutes)
  • interactive sessions* (90 minutes)


As mentioned above, the following areas are envisaged as relevant for the choice of the topic(s) of the proposals:

  • Topic Area 1: Interoperability
  • Topic Area 2: Data science and skills
  • Topic Area 3: Impact evaluation and metrics
  • Topic Area 4: Security, trust and identity
  • Topic Area 5: The EOSC & EDI building blocks
  • Topic Area 6: Business models, sustainability and policies.

Deadline for abstract submission: 13th October 2017

Find full details on the DI4R 2017 Call for Abstracts here.

Submit your abstract here.

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