HNSciCloud keynote at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018

Using public cloud resources to cover for peak workloads is a practical and economical alternative to over provisioning on-premise resources. This is the case in environments like CERN where its large internal computing infrastructure is usually big enough but where periods prior to big international conferences or large event reconstruction campaigns see a significant spike in the amount of workloads submitted.

Helix Nebula and T-Systems were demonstrated in a keynote given by Ricardo Rocha from CERN’s IT department  about deploying kubernetes at the KubeCon Europe 2018 conference in Copenhagen on May 2-4, 2018.

Ricardo Rocha described early experiences relying on Kubernetes federations to expand the available capacity to external clouds, while still offering a single entry point to our users - using GKE, AKS, Amazon and the Oracle cloud. He covered some issues we had in some of the clouds (mainly networking) and how they solved them. He showed how they get integrated with CERN main batch system, and how workloads running on external resources access their corresponding datasets.

Event schedule and presentation overview are available here or visit the main event website at


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