HNSciCloud training event @CERN. Webcast session, 14 June 2018

Following satisfactory functioning of the pilot platform services, HNSciCloud Buyers Group is encouraging their end-users to make use of the expanded pilot platforms.

During the training event hosted by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 13-14, a public webcast session will provide an overview of the pilot platform services and example High Energy Physics (HEP) usecases deployed by members of the Buyers Group.

Demos will run during the session and at lunchtime. The event will be anticipated by a series of closed events with the RHEA and T-Systemts, the contractors deploying the expanded prototypes


14 June 2018, 9:00 - 12:00 Webcast Public Session

09:00 Welcome
  • Introduction to HNSciCloud
  • Overview of pilot platforms
    • T-Systems
    • RHEA

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Use-Case deployments (HEP community)
  • Series of lightning talks on HEP related use-cases that have been deployed on the pilot platforms
    • LHC experiments, TOTEM, Machine learning with GPUs, Kubernetes
    • Integrating the pilot platforms with the CERN Batch Service
11:30 Next steps
  • Plans through to November including how High Energy Phisics experiments will have access to the pilot platforms
11:40 Feedback session
  • Feedback gathering from audience and discussion

The live streaming of the event will be available from HNSciCloud homepage.


Who's behind HNSciCloud?

HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement is driven by ten leading research organisations from across Europe.