Lecture- Building the European Open Science Cloud: procuring cloud services in public research organisations, 26 May 2016, 1pm CEST

Dr Bob Jones, CERN & HNSciCloud & PICSE Coordinator, presented a lecture on Building the European Open Science Cloud: Procuring cloud services in public research organisations as part of the Joint Research Centre Lunchtime Lectures.

The lecture was live streamed and the recording can be seen via this link.

Approximately 50 people attended the event and 276 more followed it via streaming.

For more information on the lecture see below:

Lecture Information 

Name - Building the European Open Science Cloud: Procuring cloud services in public research organisations


The European Commission has committed to establish an Open Science Cloud starting in 2016 for European researchers and their global scientific collaborators by integrating and consolidating e-infrastructure platforms, federating existing scientific clouds and research infrastructures, and supporting the development of cloud-based services.
Building on experience of Helix Nebula, PICSE and HNSciCloud projects, this presentation will explore the essential characteristics of a European Open Science Cloud with focus on innovative procurement of cloud services for research organisations.
This area is of key relevance for JRC role in support of the multidisciplinary European Data Infrastructure for the European Open Science Cloud.

Who's behind HNSciCloud?

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