Mr. Alastair PIDGEON presents HNSciCloud - Nuvla for Science

Meeting the massively increasing demand from the science community for compute and storage is a challenge for all scientific institutions and organisations. The European Commission funded HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) was initiated by a CERN-led group of European scientific institutions (the Buyers' Group) to explore how hybrid institutional/commercial clouds can help to satisfy this demand. The outcome of the HNSciCloud PCP is an important input into the European Open Science Cloud. HNSciCloud needs to support institutes, science projects spanning many institutes (with users in each of them), departments within institutes and individual scientists (the so-called long tail of science). This means the buyers need to be able to securely manage access to the cloud resources and monitor usage (costs) at several levels and the HNSciCloud providers need to cater for a wide range of users with very different needs and computing skill/knowledge levels. Two parallel contracts have been let for the third and final phase of the HNSciCloud PCP, ending November 2018. Each contract provides up to 10,000 virtual cores, 1 peta-byte of storage, and 40 Gbps aggregate connection to the GEANT network. The Buyer's Group evaluate these resources using a number of different use-cases, each of which explores different compute, storage and networking needs. This paper will present the RHEA consortium's multi-cloud approach based on the Nuvkla ( platform, supporting High Performance Computing (HPC), GPU access, vouchers, federated identity management, resource monitoring, multi-cloud deployment and, using OneData, distributed data management. The multi-cloud capability has been successfully demonstrated with three different clouds, Exoscale, Open Telekom Cloud and Advania, but the final part of Phase 3 focuses on the use of the Exoscale cloud only and adds GPU access. The paper will present the solution, our initial findings and how the various challenges have been addressed.

Who's behind HNSciCloud?

HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement is driven by ten leading research organisations from across Europe.