D3.2 Summary report of the design stage and lessons learned

During the three months dedicated to the first phase of the HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement project design phase, the four contractors: T-Systems, IBM, RHEA and Indra were expected to produce solution designs addressing the challenges of the hybrid cloud and the computing needs of the scientific use-cases identified by the research institutes of the Buyers Group. 

In order to ensure a successful outcome of this phase, the Buyers Group undertook a close monitoring of the contractor's activities, and organized the communication and several milestones and events to facilitate the information flow between contractors and use case representatives and experts. 
Based on the feedback received from the Buyers Group and the contractors, this report presents the lessons learned during this process. 

The deliverable is also available on Zenodo at https://zenodo.org/record/375740#.WMJ40Ds1-Uk


Who's behind HNSciCloud?

HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement is driven by ten leading research organisations from across Europe.