HNSciCloud innovative procurement model presented at the EOSC Summit 2018

On 11 June 2018, the High Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud and the FAIR Data Expert Group organised together with the European Commission the second meeting of stakeholders - the EOSC Summit 2018. It followed the very successful EOSC Summit in 2017.

The aim of the event was to take stock on progress and achievements towards the EOSC, a year on since the first Summit. It allowed participants to share information on relevant activities and commitments and to reflect on the steps ahead to ensure an effective implementation of the EOSC.

HNSciCloud is listed among the EOSC in practice stories of the Interim report and recommendations of the Commission 2nd High Level Expert Group [2017-2018] on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). HNSciCloud is one of the facilitating entities providing innovative services addressing the needs of research
communities. According to its innovative sustainability model, procuring organisations contribute financially to the consumption of commercial services for their sponsored end-users. The full report is available here.

During the Summit Bob Jones, CERN and HNSciCloud project coordinator, presented HNSciCloud hybrid cloud platform linking together commercial cloud service providers and research organisations’ in-house IT resources. The recording of the event is available here.

Who's behind HNSciCloud?

HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement is driven by ten leading research organisations from across Europe.