D2.2 Tender Material Publication

This document summarises the process that was followed to develop the Tender Documents up to the award of the contracts for Phase 1 within the framework of the HNSciCloud Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP). It provides insights into the legal, administrative and technical work performed to start the deployment of the PCP within procurement guidelines.
The preparatory phase has been completed successfully by the Consortium members which resulted in the drafting of the Request for Tender, the Framework agreement, the Functional specification and the Work Order.
The launch of the PCP announced by the publication of a Contract Notice in the OJEU was very well received by the cloud services market. The Tender information day informed the potential Tenderers of the technical and functional requirements, the evaluation process and the legal terms and conditions of the contracts to be awarded.
This deliverable further details how the submitted tenders were evaluated and reports on the findings of the Evaluation Committee resulting in the award of the contracts for Phase 1 the Solution Design.
The report concludes with a brief description of the process for the entry into force of the awarded contracts.

Who's behind HNSciCloud?

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