How to implement Public Procurement of Innovation: Lessons learned from the PAPIRUS project

PAPIRUS project (Public Administration Procurement Innovation to Reach Ultimate Sustainability) was one of  the  pilot  projects  in  the  area  of  Public  Procurement  of  Innovation  (PPI)  which  is  co-financed  by  the European Commission within the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

This guide on "How to implement Public Procurement of Innovation" has been elaborated in the framework of PAPIRUS project and is dedicated to all Public  Procurers  across  Europe  who  plan  on  implementing  PPI  and  want  to  learn  from  the  PAPIRUS experience about  the  principles  on  which  public  procurements  of  innovative  solutions  are  based. 

The guide includes the explanation of public procurement of innovation, the benefits it brings, implementation  rules  and  steps  as  well  as  lessons  learned  from  the  PAPIRUS  project.


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