PICSE Procuring cloud services today report

Procuring cloud services today report: experiences and lessons learned from the public sector

Digital transformation is absolutely crucial to any organisation whether public or private. It is at the very core of the digital single market to ensure Europe reaps the socio-economic benefits of new technologies. Cloud computing has the potential to reduce IT expenditure and boost organisational agility while at the same time improving the scope for delivering flexible high-quality new services.
Barriers to the adoption of cloud services range from the shift to new procurement processes to match the cloud’s on-demand model, lack of trust and security, lack of mature technical standards to complex legal terms and fear of vendor lock-in. Overcoming these barriers is key to boosting public sector productivity and efficiency, meeting a new set of user demands in a way that ensures secure and reliable and compliant with institutional requirements.
This document describes the experience of ten public sector organisations across Europe who have either carried out a process to procure cloud services, or are considering doing so. The experiences vary in terms of success and offer insights into how the procurement of cloud services is impacting on their current processes.
What are the main challenges they face in purchasing cloud services? Are organisations able to apply or adapt existing standard procurement policies in order to benefit from what cloud service providers offer? Do staff have the necessary skill-sets to assess the market and make the right choice?
The results of the case studies analysis will feed into the PICSE Roadmap on the procurement of cloud services, which you can find here.


You can download the report here


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