Use case fact-sheets

This is your opportunity to get hands-on experience with commercially supported cloud services from T-Systems and RHEA. These cloud services have been specifically built to address the needs of research communities and are the result of a Pre-Commercial Procurement action co-funded by the EC and a group of Europe’s leading research organisations.

The following fact-sheets showcase how competing solutions have been deployed and tested against use-cases from astronomy, high energy physics, life sciences and photon/neutron sciences. The best services are now available for you to perform your research more easily and quickly.

We hope your find this training material helpful.

The HNSciCloud team


Scientific domain Use case Procurer
Photon / Neutron Science

3DIX - Calculation of X-ray absorption spectra

Photon / Neutron Science

CrystFEL - Serial Femtosecond Crystallography

High Energy Phisics

DODAS - Dynamic On Demand Analysis Services


LOFAR - The Low-Frequency Array telescope

Life Science

Pan-Cancer - Supporting large scale genomics analysis in cancer studies

Life Science

WeNMR/HADDOCK: High Ambiguity Driven protein-protein



Who's behind HNSciCloud?

HNSciCloud Pre-Commercial Procurement is driven by ten leading research organisations from across Europe.